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Milton Keynes Baseball & Softball AGM

Sunday 12th January saw Milton Keynes Baseball & Softball clubs hold it’s AGM. For those of you new to my blog, I play Baseball and have been playing for Milton Keynes these last two seasons. Milton Keynes have a very good set up and it was very welcoming to me when I first turned up for training back in January 2012.

Milton Keynes currently have two Baseball Teams. These are The Bucks who play at AAA Level and The Coyotes who were formed in 2013 who play at A Level. Milton Keynes also have a Softball team called the MK Diamonds. Combined there are currently 80 players/members who are involved in these 3 teams which is a fantastic position to be in. Milton Keynes have ambitious visions for the future. This includes 4 Baseball Teams (Playing across the 4 leagues including National & AA on top of the current AAA & A levels) and 2 Softball Teams to compete in the Corporate League and Tournaments.

Off the playing diamond there are plans to engage local schools and colleges in order to set up a recognized youth development program. This is one of the requirements for having a team
in the National Baseball League (NBL) which is the highest level in the UK.

The AGM had a good turnout with 29 members present for the voting in of committee members as well as viewing the presentation. Our Chairman Jon Reynolds painted an extremely positive picture for Milton Keynes both on and off the diamond. In Baseball The MK Bucks won their AAA Midlands League Division and in their debut season the MK Coyotes made the single A Play-Offs as well as winning the Midlands Minor League (MML) trophy in Leicester. In Softball the MK Diamonds made it through to the Semi-Finals of the Loughborough Tournament, their best performance in a major tournament to date.

All positions were up for voting and the key highlights saw Jon Reynolds re-elected as Chairperson. Ernie Ayala was voted in again as Team Manager for the MK Bucks and Mo Hamden will take over as Team Manager for the MK Coyotes as well as head of Baseball Operations. Team Treasurers for Baseball & Softball will be Sid Benbow and Robyn Burgess respectively. Head of Softball Operations will be held again by Chris Borah and Hedley Bevan was unanimously voted in as Softball Secretary. Rachael Collyer has the vitally important role of Youth Development and Trevor Burgess will be running the Clubs Media.

Good luck to all of the people above, I feel they are the right people for the job and with the clubs combined support it will ensure Milton Keynes grows together as a club.

We then embarked on a mammoth session of indoor Softball which was thoroughly enjoyable and showed the strong links between our Baseball & Softball teams and the players who make them what they are.

2014 is going to be one exciting year for all currently involved and also to those who wish to get involved. To check out Milton Keynes Club and the opportunities available to support or play please check out the links below:-

Good luck to MK Bucks, Coyotes and Diamonds in 2014!