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Salt Room Sessions

Tonight we visited our local salt rooms for the first time. Salt Room Treatments have been featured recently on the news in both the UK and the USA. It involves spending time in a room which is covered in salt. It is hard to describe it in too much detail, but this process has been proven to improve the conditions of people who suffer from Asthma, Respiratory Problems as well as Sinusitis and Coughing.

My fianc√© discovered a local business in Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire that offered this treatment. “The Salt Cave” is a very smart, clean and professional business that made us feel extremely welcome. Our appointment was booked for 7pm and after filling in our forms we were given a brief introduction before entering the Salt Room.

The room itself is spacious with the floors covered in loose salt which is a bit like walking in snow. The walls are covered in crystallized salt and the room has modern wooden reclined seats with foot stools. Just as our session started the lights dimmed and you could hear calming instruments over the sounds of waves. There were plenty of magazines to read to help incase you couldn’t sleep.

We got to wear some trainer covers and a hair cover to prevent our hair from malting onto the salt. We were warned of initial reactions to the salt room but I found it quite easy to adjust to the dry air being filtered into the room. The salt air really helped my breathing and I found it easier to take deep breaths through my nose without coughing. The hour went very quickly and it was a shock when the lights came back on to full brightness at the end of our session.

It is said to take around 3-4 sessions before you notice a more permanent difference, however the effects of this session will stay in our lungs for a good few days. We have booked our next session on Monday to top up our first session. For those of you interested it costs ¬£35 per hour session and their are discounts for block purchases. It was a truly unique experience and one I’m keen to try again as I really want to see an improvement.