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2014 almost done but there will be more in 2015

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 45 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

In The Woods 2014

After a truly magical and breathtaking experience last year, we were very fortunate to have friends join us for this years most beautiful festival. In The Woods Festival oozes mystery, tranquility and brings a small gathering of people together in the most surreal environment within some of the most picturesque woodlands.
Putting last years memories aside in an attempt to be surprised again, it was clear to see a new theme without altering the dynamics previously enjoyed. The woodlands beautifully laced with colourful flowers and bright golden lights leading you along the magical footpaths.

At the entrance there were some bright pink, yellow and blue cactuses positioned amongst the natural green plants. A couple of footsteps later there were trees graced with the largest material letters spelling out ITW14.

There were cardboard masks hung by wooden pegs on strings hand painted for people to wear. The pathways winding with many other areas to explore. A material filled tree designed to look like a flowing waterfall was one of the most eye catching pieces. Our friend we met at last years festival had designed a sign that spelt out “But I Love Hymn” a fitting reference to the music we enjoyed during the weekend.

Last years record playing corner was replaced with a lovely little record shop which sold music from the bands playing. You could listen to them on Vinyl and I bought a CD from the band
Francobollo which had a hand drawn cover, a lovely little momentum of the festival from a new band I discovered.

On the first evening we participated in the Pub Quiz which was highly entertaining. Despite accruing a team of ten people we still managed to avoid winning. Either way it was a great chance to mingle whilst drinking some of the local ales they had on tap.

Later on we went into the Silent Disco, this is a new concept for me. I’ve always wanted to try one and was unsure what to expect. It transpired to be one of the weirdest yet enjoyable experiences I’ve known. I was presented with some headphones that had 2 channels on them. Whilst listening to the music you could hear the people around you singing either the song I was listening to or the one on the other channel. One things for sure I can’t get Junior Senior or Shanks and Bigfoot out of my head!

The music was amazing and some of the bands I really enjoyed discovering were Francobollo, Juffage, Ichi and Febueder. The styles and genres on both sides of the spectrum gave the pallet a mixed variety. The stages are called The Quarry and Laurel Lounge, one is surrounded by trees and slopes that you can perch on a log whilst the others in a clearing within the lush green trees.

During the Saturday there was a chance to experience hands-on craft. We created a vinyl print which was cool to print whilst others were making garlands from plants and greens acquired from the woodlands. There was even the opportunity to draw a naked person. Art, Craft and Its diverse nature combined to offer a beautiful cocktail of opportunity for people like me to have a go.


The Spinney is a part of the woods where you can sit down on hay bails listening to musicians play and sing whilst wearing headphones. It creates a spooky and chilling atmosphere because without wearing them all you can hear is the vocals and key presses on the keyboard. We heard Sivu play and his style encapsulated the surroundings beautifully.

The curtains for ITW14 drew down on Saturday evening with the most anticipated bonfire spectacle. A large plunger with sticks of dynamite were the decoration for an impressive effort. Within minutes the flames were dancing high into the dark sky flicking off fireflies and angels to keep the stars company afar. It was the surreal and comforting end to a beautiful event.

Thank you once again for making it so special and I haven’t even mentioned the amazing food on offer! Another portion of Cauldron cooked Beef Curry was enjoyed and we managed to sample the cakes in the Coffee, Tea & Cake hut before they sold out on the Saturday Morning.

One criticism and I hate to make it was the increased allocation of tickets taking the event over 1,000 people. This is too much, you could tell the strains this put on certain parts of the festival, please go back to how it was in 2013.


Outfoxed but not disgraced

Leeds United welcomed leaders Leicester City to Elland Road on Saturday following last weekends horror show at Hillsborough. It was a strange build up to a game where part of me was bizarrely confident, I mean last weekends deserved thrashing was surely a one off.

Earlier in the week Brian McDermott announced that Ross McCormack would be taking over the captaincy from Rudolph Austin. The decision centered around Rudy not being able to play his commanding powerful game due to the added responsibility of the role. Ross was originally asked about the captaincy before the season started, so it made sense for our stand out performer of the season so far to have the chance to demonstrate his leadership skills on the pitch.

My obvious fear is the captains curse, one that Leeds are no strangers to. A player who has been finding the net for fun could easily lose this confidence that being captain brings with it. Just look at Alistair Cook in the cricket during this winters tour of Australia. A player who was easily in form after the Summer Tests, saw the teams results suffer which in turn saw his confidence falter. A whitewash saw him question his ability as a captain and now he is keen to rebuild his one day form without the extra pressures that captaincy brings.

In a nutshell I’m frantically hoping that this extra responsibility doesn’t throw Ross off track on what has been quite simply his best season so far at Elland Road. Anyway enough of my worries let’s get back to the Leicester game.

Back in front of the Sky Cameras for the second game in a row, Brian McDermott made a sweeping change to the starting eleven in a bid to shake things up. In came Brown, Lees and Varney in place of Zaliukas, Pugh and the suspended Smith. Both the new signings were in place for their first game at Elland Road, hoping to make an impact after last weeks slow start.

The game started at a frantic pace and Ross was unfortunate to see his glancing header strike the post. Leicester replied and hit our post in the next attack but Leeds were denied by ex player Kasper Schmeichal as Ross found himself one on one with the Danish stopper. Ross tried to chip the out rushing keeper only to see it clawed away. The rebound was cleared away off the line as Lees looked to try and bury the header that looped up to him.

It was clear to see from the first half that Leeds were putting in a performance and that the team were keen to repay Brian McDermott’s faith in them. It was a slightly disappointed feeling not to be ahead at half time, one feeling that was a million miles away last weekend. Brown was buzzing and a couple of hefty late challenges on him could easily have seen a red card. Good old Brown picked himself up each time and carried on.

As the game headed into the later stages it was apparent that one chance was going to seal this battle. Leicester up until now hadn’t tested Paddy Kenny and it was slightly ironic that their first chance would see David Nugent roll the ball in from close range past Kenny. It was extremely harsh on Leeds who had tried their best to win the game against the leaders of the Championship.

Leicester certainly stole the win, passed go and collected £200. I was certainly feeling different emotions from last week and it was great to see a cameo appearance from El Hadj Diouf. Leeds certainly asked a lot of questions of Leicester and they showed why they are the leaders by clinically finishing off their one clear chance.

Leeds stopped the rot and can be extremely proud of their efforts. As I write this the takeover is close to being finalized and Leeds are supposed to be close to signing a third unnamed player. Rumors seem to be naming Leroy Lita from Premiership Swansea. At 29 he is a proven scorer at Championship Level so he would be a good addition.

Let’s hope the visit of Ipswich next will see us get the points as well as another positive performance.



The Liebster Award

My lovely fellow blogger and Twitter friend, today nominated me for the Liebster Award. I’ve never had this before so I was quite excited to accept it and take part. I’ll tell you a little about it shall I?


The Liebster Award is given to new, up and coming blogs who have less than 200 followers. Awards like these are a fantastic way to spread the word about new blogs who may be struggling to make their name amongst other blogs. Liebster is German for dearest, kindest, sweetest, lovely, valued, endearing and welcome. Sweet, huh? We all know that blogging is all about sharing, connecting and building a community. And these kind of awards are a great way to help promote smaller blogs, and to get to know the person behind the blog.

There are of course some rules, these are as follows…

1. Show your appreciation by linking back to the person who nominated you.

2. List 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.

4. Nominate another 11 blogs, preferably with less than 200 followers, to pass the award on to.

5. Compile 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

6. Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

liebster blog

As I said at the beginning, the lovely Jaki nominated me and you can find her over at or on Twitter as @Jakstweet. She is the reason why I finally got my act together and set my blog up. It was certainly something that I had been thinking and even talking about. Because of that it’s only fair that I nominate her back for this award.

Shall we start then? Here we go!

11 Facts About Me…

1 – I’m 33 years of age and have a very vibrant, adventurous and busy lifestyle. I love writing and having the opportunity to do this in the form of a blog is so very awesome.

2 – I applied to be on the Apprentice when I was 25 and made it through the first 3 rounds before bowing out before the auditions in London.

3 – I gave up my life in the UK when I was 29 and decided to spend a year travelling Australia on my own.

4 – I have found the perfect person to share my life with and am very very happy.

5 – I have six tattoos and still have a craving for more.

6 – I have an amazing ability to ignore television shows and discover them once there is more than a couple of series or seasons to watch. I do however have a bad habit of starting too many and forgetting about them. I have made it through Lost though!

7 – I get so very frustrated by people who don’t realise that they are annoying me. A great example is when people bumble around Supermarkets as I just want to get my things and get out.

8 – I love camping and will take every opportunity available to get the tent packed up and escape, even for a couple of nights.

9 – I started playing Baseball a couple of years ago for a team in Milton Keynes and haven’t looked back.

10 – I tried playing the Guitar as recently as 3 years ago and just couldn’t get my head around it.

11 – I completed a Diploma in Construction and Surveying this year in a dramatic attempt to learn and develop myself further.

11 Blogs I Nominate for the Liebster Award…

Well I feel really bad as I only have 6 so I will nominate them as follows, these people have followed me and shown interest in my blogs so far which I appreciate greatly. Obviously I have already mentioned Jaki at the beginning who has kindly nominated me.



My 11 Question Interview…

1 – What’s your favourite kind of blog to read? Anything that has variety in it, a blog that keeps me interested and one I can either relate to or find it gives me motivation and makes me smile.

2- Why did you start blogging? Because I have an active imagination and wanted to find a way to document it and give others an insight into my life and what interests me.

3 – Where do you find inspiration to blog? From my many day to day experiences. I have a busy life and it certainly gives me the inspiration to blog.

4 – What’s your guilty pleasure? It has to be those little White Choccy Bars called Gold, they are yummy!

5 – First song or album you ever bought? First song on Cassette single for Billy Joel – River of Dreams.

6 – Best childhood memory? Driving up with my Dad to Elland Road for the first time. We played Liverpool in 1990 and I remember us driving all the way and not being able to get a ticket. As we left the ground we were losing 5-0. During the drive back we pulled it back to 5-4 and nearly drew the game. The drive and experience was awesome, despite not getting in.

7 – What’s the one thing you can’t go a day without? It has to be my IPhone for materialistic value but a kiss from my partner certainly starts the day perfectly.

8 – Who would play you in the movie of your life? Tricky one, I would have to say Josh Radnor from How I Met Your Mother.

9 – What song would feature as the credits roll in that movie? Romeo by Dire Straights.

10 – Where would you like to see yourself in ten years time? Married, Two Children, Living abroad, Business started and looking to build on my success.

11 – What is your biggest regret? Since I came back from Australia in 2008 it has wiped out any I may have had previously.

11 questions for my chosen bloggers…

1 – What is your favourite TV Show? 2 – Why did you start blogging? 3 – Have you ever won anything unique? 4 – What is your favourite artist and song? 5 – Who would play you in your movie of your life? 6 – What is the next thing you intend to buy? 7 – If you could change anything in your life, what would it be? 8 – 10 years time, where will you be? 9 – Next year, where will you be? 10 – Do you have any famous friends? 11 – What is your idea of a random adventure?

Thank you everyone. I look forward to reading your answers!


An introduction

I’ve finally done it, the sound of an imaginary fan fare plays in the background as I sit back with a wry smile on my face. It has been something that I’ve certainly talked about doing in the past, sometimes threatening, but the talk and suggestive actions has finally resulted in an end game, I’ve decided to start my online blog.

Surely the first post has to be a big one? It has to draw in your attention and give the impression that my life’s events and musings are worth writing with as much creative effort that I can muster….. well I can’t promise that!

Now I assume that you know about me, you may do but there may be a few things that I have developed a lust for as my life has moved along into my thirties. The name of my blog was designed to try to give a broad overview of what to expect on here, however it is very easy to keep things samey with very little variation, god I love the word “random”

So what can you expect, well in a nutshell I am an adventurous, random, spontaneous British Man who was born in Scotland, grew up in Leeds, moved down to the Midlands, lived a year in Australia and returned to the UK who now finds himself living in Northamptonshire. I would’ve used the term journeyman but that’s boring. I find the most uniquely small things funny and have a habit of getting carried away. I love camping trips, camp fires, BBQ’s, gardening, experiencing new ales and beers and play Baseball in Milton Keynes.

I can’t promise you quality blogs all of the time but I certainly won’t hesitate about writing what I am thinking about or have experienced. As I write this I have a programme about Comets on and can’t get the idea of Malcolm Tucker being the new Doctor Who out of my mind. Who is ready for this ride?…..