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Apologies for the Quiet

I must apologise to my followers for this moment of silence. I know there isn’t a need to do this, however I want to. I am extremely proud to have over 80 followers and I feel the very reason you followed me has been put on hold, well this has ended tonight.

As I appear from the shadows it is at the time of year the world we live in takes on a festive holiday filled feeling. So what have I been up to and how is 2014 concluding as we head into the final throes of the year.

I’ve had some fantastic weekends and day trips away with my fiancé which included a fun weekend exploring Leeds for a family members birthday. Leeds is a fantastic city and one that we both love. Who knows what the future holds with regards to this awesome city….

Last Tuesday we went to London and visited the Tower of London Poppies. We tried to go a fortnight ago but couldn’t quite battle our way through the crowds. This time around we were able to walk right around the tower and saw some amazing sights.

I have a couple of my favourite photos below:-


I witnessed Northampton Saints lose against Exeter last Friday which was slightly surreal. It’s the first time I’ve seen them lose and now the disappointment that Leeds United provide has been mirrored at Saints.

Towcester Mill has had a handful of visits as the nights draw in, it’s very cozy inside. It’s a shame we can’t quite enjoy the long evenings in the amazing gardens. It’s a good job the Winter Beers are on tap, there will be some reviews coming up soon!

Our hedgehog who became our fourth family member has gone into hibernation. I do have a photo from last month below as he made the most of our feeding station. We also seem to have a new kitten who visits our garden. It’s all go round our neighbourhood!


So what does the rest of November hold? Firstly it’s a certain special persons birthday. I can’t say anymore as it will spoil the amazing plans I’m rapidly compiling as next weekend approaches.

Work is going very well. I am into the fourth month of my new job and so far so good. I’ve always wanted to be a Branch Manager, now I have it, I won’t be letting go of it!

Ummmm oh and my Dad ran his first half marathon. He is running 2 more and his first Marathon as he raises money for Cancer. Please check out his sponsorship page and if you feel generous then please send him a message or even better a donation.

Phew! I promise I’ll write again soon! It’s far too hard trying to fill so much in one blog post!


Aldi value shames Tesco

Today we made a decision to give Aldi a try for our weekly shopping following a number of recent television adverts claiming they sell British Assured fresh meat. We are usually keen to shop by convenience and having a Tesco only ten minutes away by foot has always meant Tesco have been our preferred choice. Today we broke the mould and tried an alternative option.

Aldi is a smart conveniently laid out store and the fact it was busy confirmed that many others had already made the change. For this weekly shop comparison we have compared like for like and where necessary the price has been adjusted accordingly (15 fish fingers v 14 fish fingers as an example) to ensure a fair price comparison is used.

We were quite interested to see if there really is a difference and the results were quite simply staggering. Before going into the results, our Shopping List comprised of the following items:-

The Shopping List

15 Large Floor Wipes
40 Surface Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Kitchen Rolls (120 Sheets per Roll)
Own Brand Toilet Cleaner (Adjusted)
Broccoli Stalk
Peppers (3 Pack)
White Seedless Grapes (500g)
Carrots (1kg Bag)
Apples (Bag)
Rocket (Bag)
Classic Salad (Bag)
Frozen Garden Peas (1kg Bag)
Smoked Back Bacon (14 Rashers)
Fish Cakes (Twin Pack)
Seasoned Medium Chicken (1.5kg)
Minced Meat (750g)
Chicken Thighs (Pack – Adjusted)
Brains Faggots (Pack of 4)
Breaded Cod (Pack of 4)
Fish Fingers (Own Brand – Adjusted)
Chickpeas (Tin)
Kidney Beans (Tin)
Milk Semi-Skimmed (4 Pints)
Large Eggs (10 Box)
Garlic Bread Baguette (1)
Hobgoblin Ale (2)
Hopping Hare Ale (2)
Small box of Freezer Bags (Adjusted)

The list above has been calculated to be completely comparable to ensure fairness is achieved. I was keen to understand how different the savings could be and set a bench mark of around 10% however the result was staggering.

Aldi were cheaper on all but 1 item out of the total of 28 items purchased on our shopping list, this was the Twin Pack of fish cakes. There was 1 item where both Aldi and Tesco were identical on price, this was the Kitchen Roll. All of the remaining 26 items were cheaper at Aldi.

The Big Differences

A Pack of 40 Anti-Bacterial surface wipes cost 75p at Aldi compared to £1.25 at Tesco, a difference of 75%

A 500g pack of White Seedless Grapes cost £1.39 at Aldi compared to £2.00 at Tesco, a difference of around 40%

10 Large Eggs cost £1.15 at Aldi compared to £2.00 at Tesco, a difference of 85%

A 1kg Pack of Carrots cost 59p at Aldi compared to 99p at Tesco, a difference of nearly 70%

The packet of Classic Salad once adjusted to be compatible costs 79p at Aldi compared to £2.14 at Tesco (200g) which is a staggering 150% more!

A tin of Kidney Beans (400g) at Aldi cost 25p compared to 55p at Tesco, over twice the price.

A seasoned Medium 1.5kg Fresh Chicken cost £3.99 at Aldi compared to £6.00 at Tesco, which is 33% more.

Frozen Garden Peas (1kg) cost 99p at Aldi compared to £1.60 at Tesco, a difference of 60%

Frozen own brand Fish Fingers once adjusted cost nearly three times the price at Tesco which is shocking.

The bottled Ales were 25p cheaper per bottle despite Tesco having a 4 for £6 deal on.

The Overall Savings

Based on the total shopping list, Aldi came in at £38.40 v Tesco at £52.37. Aldi offered a saving of £13.97 which is the equivalent of 50p per item bought. This is an overall price difference of around a third, this is a huge saving.

In this exercise it shows that swapping to Aldi has made a big difference on this shop. It is worth saying that Tesco are cheaper for Cheese which we didn’t include.

Oh just in case you though I’d missed it, the difference on a 4 pint carton of Semi Skimmed Milk was 5p in Aldi’s favour.

Next week we will compare the weekly shop to Waitrose.