Why Breaking Bad is highly addictive – No Spoilers

They say the greatest things have probably been discovered by somebody else first. There is also the likelihood with a Television Series, that a few people have patiently worked their way from the start and not had the luxury of watching it at their leisure by box set.

I am very fortunate with the fact that with Breaking Bad I am a sheep. I have heard no end of people talking about it and the final straw came when Chris Evans started watching it and talking about the obvious addiction to it on his Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

This is by no means a spoiler and I will not discuss anything about the plot, that is not fair. I am more intrigued about how a show first aired in 2008 and has just concluded it’s 5th and final season could escape under the radar until now.

I am just coming to the end of the third season and have to say it has totally gripped me. The story is based centrally on a Chemistry teacher called Walter who discovers he has Lung Cancer. In an attempt to raise quick money to give his pregnant wife and disabled son a life after his death he becomes involved with drugs after watching a drug raid with his wife’s husband who works in the DEA.

Walter uses his advanced knowledge of Chemistry to create the perfect Crystal Meth and the show carries on from this.

The writer of the show has publicly stated that the success of this show is partly down to piracy. This obviously caused some concern within the industry, however the shows success could be down to this very point. The show is not low budget, far from it. It is well written and the actual storyline is pure genius. I am very happy to be a follower and am very much loving the fact that I can watch this show up and to it’s conclusion at my own pace.

For those out there who have not heard or seen Breaking Bad yet I ask only one thing. Get behind me and become the next generation of sheep, it’s totally worth it.



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