Yeovil Away Trip

This Saturday I will be making the journey down to Yeovil for our must win game against the leagues bottom side. It is touch or go if the game will go ahead, however from reading the clubs official site, it’s clear they are trying their upmost to get the game played. For Yeovil this is a game live on Sky TV against the best supported team on their travels, because of this it’s financially important for Yeovil to get the game on.

This will be my first away trip to a ground that has terracing. The really unfortunate thing is the terracing for the Away supporters is uncovered. The forecast for the game is not great and it will certainly be one for wearing a waterproof rain jacket and hood! The ticket was only £20 so it’s good value despite the distance. The club are keeping the pitch covered despite the winds best efforts to blow them off. I think the real key will be how long they can keep the pitch covered and dry.

The club are keen for Leeds United fans to keep checking via Twitter for updates on the game as they make their way down on the morning of the game. I’m really looking forward to this match, this will be my third Away game of this season after Reading & Charlton Athletic.

In other news today Cellino has sensationally announced that he will buy back Elland Road on Thursday. Cellino has also sold Cagliari which confirms he is keen to be fully focused on Leeds United. Surely this news can’t be a bad thing. One things for sure I’m looking forward to seeing Brian McDermott back in the dugout, back where he belongs!

See you all in Yeovil on Saturday.


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