McDermott returns as Haigh & Patel fight back

Monday morning saw the stunning return to Thorp Arch for our Manager Brian McDermott. 72 hours previous our gaffer was called to be told he was no longer required, under who’s instruction it is still unknown.

Today was also the day that David Haigh and Salem Patel made it clear to the Leeds United faithful that they are still in charge, for the time being at the very least. The man who called McDermott on Friday night to dismiss him was led away from Elland Road by Haigh & Patel. This guy is called Chris Farnell and on a sensational day in Leeds he was told to stay away until Cellino officially completes his takeover.

As the day moved on into the Afternoon, further stories from Elland Road surfaced regarding GFHc and the bid received by Cellino. It transpires that the legal documents have not yet been exchanged which could open up a takeover by a rival bidder. As returning manager Brian McDermott was giving his press conference to the press to talk about the weekends events including the epic 5-1 win over Huddersfield, more twists and turns regarding a rival bid appeared.

It has now been revealed that members of Sport Capitals bid involving David Haigh, Terry Riley and Andrew Flower are prepared to join forces with Mike Farnam and his “Together Leeds” crew to negotiate a joint bid which would be seen as the preferred choice for Leeds United supporters.

Obviously Cellino will still have to pass the Football Leagues fit and proper test but with his checkered past well documented it would be unlikely that he meets this criteria. With all that’s happened these last few days, it’s safe to say there will be many eyes watching out for this decision.

So let’s all rejoice. It’s the first time in my 25 years of following Leeds that I have seen a manager of ours not win a game for 8 matches. On top of this we suffered a 6-0 defeat to our local rivals and were beaten convincingly by a League 2 side. Despite all of this, in force we were dismayed and I personally think the strong reaction and disgust shown by the supporters shocked these people who made the decision to sack Brian. In a nutshell, Brian you are regarded in the highest level at Elland Road, it is because of this your integrity has remained intact and you’ve returned to our club.

Thank you 🙂


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