24 Hours at Elland Road

Just like in an episode of 24 hours in A&E it has been absolutely mental crazy at Elland Road. I know Monty Python have reformed this year, maybe just maybe they wrote the script for what has happened at Leeds United in these 24 hours. I have felt every single emotion known and a few extra ones as well. This has been an absolutely crazy day!

So last night it was reported that Brian McDermott had been sacked by new owner Cellino. He announced that he wanted a coach and not a manager and because of this it was why the decision was made. I was in shock and twitter went into melt down. The Sky Sports transfer deadline day show piece suddenly turned into a who could sell Ross McCormack show, similar to Bid Up TV. Simon Jordan who is quite simply a tool tried his best to belittle McCormack whilst trying to encourage teams to bid for Ross. If rumours are to be believed a £6m bid from Cardiff was rejected once the reports of McDermotts sacking had been made public.

Heading into the last minutes of transfer deadline night we were all frantically refreshing twitter and willing the clock to count down faster until our Captain put all our minds and fears to rest. The tweet above confirmed he was staying and that we all needed to Unite ahead of tomorrow’s local derby with Huddersfield. A few comedy photos at ER saw some fans blockading Cellino in the ground and the local police had to be called in to assist! Why oh why were there not any cameras from Sky available at this hilarious moment.

I woke up hoping it had all been a nasty dream, it became apparent very quickly that it wasn’t. The hours today leading up to the game were not very informative. There had still not been an official announcement on the clubs web site regarding McDermott or anything that had happened last night. The only story was the signing of a new midfielder from Cagliari who was listed immediately on the clubs web page. There was still somebody working that site, despite many thinking it had been left to rot.

What then happened at Elland Road was simply the story of fairytales, it was out of this world. Gibbs & Redfearn were put in charge of team affairs and the side out out was one not too dissimilar to our departing boss. The only worry was putting McCormack up front on his own. Huddersfield deservedly took a 1-0 lead after half an hour as Leeds looked ragged and were clearly feeling sorry for themselves. Then stepped up our Captain who took matters into his own hands. Right on half time he scored to level the match. Unknown to many McDermott spoke to the team at half time and his talk galvanized the side.

Kebe scored his first for the club to put Leeds 2-1 up before a Ross McCormack double secured his second Hat-Trick of the season and gave us a 4-1 lead. Young Mowatt scored his first senior goal as Leeds ran out 5-1 winners. The result was bizarre but the most bizarre news was still to follow.

Brian McDermott was still Leeds United’s Manager. It was officially announced on the clubs web page that he was still in control of the First Team and would be involved in ensuring Leeds United moved forwards. As Phil Hay tweeted, you couldn’t make this up! Leeds United just don’t make things simple, it’s no wonder us fans are slightly crazy!

So in a nutshell as we head into Saturday night, we won 5-1, McDermott is still our boss, we have a rich Italian owner and Ross is very much our Captain after netting his 20th, 21st & 22nd League goals of the season!


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