McCormack Bid Rejected as Cellino advises

Since yesterday’s confusion regarding the takeover at Leeds United, I was hoping for a conclusion today. What we got was completely the opposite as we are left still wondering what exactly is going on. What we have learnt today is that Cellino is nothing more than a negotiator with Sport Capital as they look to conclude talks with GFH. Cellino said that he was flattered to be asked and that he regards Leeds as a close friend. He remains in the UK for the next 48 hours at the very least.

From nowhere West Ham United made a reported £3.5m bid for our newly appointed captain Ross McCormack. Ross has scored 18 goals and is the Championships top scorer this season so far. For those of you unaware of the situation, Ross signed a new contract in the Summer of 2013 following Middlesboroughs failed attempts to sign him towards the end of last season.

The bid was promptly rejected despite West Hams confidence that they can prize our talented forward away from the club. Obviously the prize of Premiership Football is tempting, but Ross made it perfectly clear that he loves it at Leeds and was opposed to moving last year. His new contract showed the belief that Leeds had in their man and Ross quickly signed it whilst making his satisfaction well known. He has shown his incredible talent and value since he has been settled at Elland Road.

I personally can’t see Ross leaving Leeds in January. I think West Ham will come back with an offer of around £4/£4.5m and wouldn’t be totally surprised if a player such as Carlton Cole was offered in the deal. Leeds MD David Haigh rejected the offer and reiterated the club and players determination to keep Ross at Leeds. Money is a strange animal and the longer this unrest regarding the takeover floats around Elland Road, I can see someone from GFH potentially making a decision to cash in. Lest we forget they are an investment bank, this would show a nice return.

Let’s hope these next 7 days pass and Ross publicly repeats his love for Leeds and the great honor it is to captain such an amazing team. West Ham is not a career progression, they look disjointed and I can see them getting relegated this season. We need to keep Ross so let’s not disappoint, a bad decision now could rip everything achieved so far apart like a cracker at Christmas.

Finally I got my ticket for Yeovil Away on the 8th Feb, I’m looking forward to standing on a terrace for the first time in my adult life. Then again at all games we rarely sit down!



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