Takeover confusion at a disjointed Leeds

A couple of weeks ago David Haigh promised a swift conclusion to the takeover situation at Leeds. Two weeks on and the situation we find ourselves in is far from clear. Now I don’t personally blame David for this current position. I believe that he is as frustrated as the majority of Leeds United supporters are.

As the exclusivity period between Sport Capital (David Haighs consortium) and GFH has ticked by it appears that another contender has joined the party. If you believe the strong rumors in the Italian Press circulating around the internet, Massimo Cellino has beaten them to the deal. The Miami based owner of Serie A club Cagliari has apparently been in London these last 48 hours to sign the paperwork required to complete the deal.

So who is Cellino and would he be good for Leeds? Well according to football fans from Italy he is a hard nosed businessman who acts quickly when making decisions. He has gone through 36 managers in 20 years and demands success quickly. Another quite disturbing report suggests that he has already decided to replace Brian McDermott with former Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri. He has turned down the offer (if it has even been made?) however I feel this disruption is quite concerning.

I want the current good feeling at Leeds to continue. Haigh, Patel, Nooruddin and Enterprise Insurances Flowers are the guys I want running our club. Why? Well they have being bank rolling our club these last few months and have made the positive feelings happen. A previous post of mine in August highlighted this turnaround at Leeds. This uncertainty of the unknown has quite simply scared me. I also wonder if this could easily wipe out all the positive steps the club has taken since Bates left.

Now again it could be the complete polar opposite, Cellino could totally transform the club. Leeds United could be a feeder team for Cagliari should he keep them. The surge of foreign players who are more than capable at Championship Level with his own choice of boss could speed up the progress already made. Sentimental notes should be discarded as someone with the money puts himself out there to do it.

I think it’s quite easy to get carried away but something is going to happen soon. Talk of Cesar joining us from QPR suggest that an Italian owner is on the horizon. The bookies rarely get these things so wrong, to suspend betting on a player with no prior links so quickly suggest a deals that close.

So what happens now? Well I’m pinning my hopes on Sport Capital getting this completed and over the line. I just have a strange feeling a decision will be announced before the weekend. It’s never easy being a Leeds fan, that is for sure!!



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