Simplicity, Easy as 1,2 and ummm…

Now I for one appreciate it when people or companies make things simple. I am the first to find it a relief when faced with something that has the potential to cause concern if there’s an instruction close by.

My first experience of blind panic came when I was heading to the exits in Tesco. It was as if the technology changed overnight and I found myself presented with a Self Service Till for the first time. I do find the concept of self service redundant when it’s constantly manned, however if it wasn’t for their presence I’d have been stuck. Trying to find a loose bagged bakery product with no barcode is not simple! It was at this point I knew that people would either get it and till attendants would be a thing of the past or they would be an unpopular second choice. The jury is still out!

Tonight I have experienced the complete opposite, where instructions appeared overdone. it has made me question the extent of guidance certain people require and how they could possibly do this a different way.

As I approached the Drive Thru in McDonalds I was directed to the order point with arrows. It was at this point I noticed a big sign with a number one on it which said “Order” After placing my order I drove to the next window to see a sign with an equally as large number two followed by the word “Pay”
It was after this that the counter assistant that took my money instructed me to head to the next window. As I approached I was then in view with a sign with a number three in it saying “Collect”

This is pretty self explanatory and by going back to my earlier point, I’m trying to see how this process could cause confusion without the three step signage. It was at this third point I was advised that my order wasn’t quite ready and asked to pull into the Order Bay on the left hand side. Strangely enough there was no sign for this!



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