A big crop? Nah give me uncertainty anyday!


One of my favourite things is the garden, it’s something that brings me and my girlfriend closer and also it gives us the excitement of creating our own little haven. Last year was our first attempt of growing some fruit and vegetables and in the end we were presented with a couple of beetroot, green tomatoes, deformed carrots, slug ridden lettuce and a lifetime supply of beans. 2012 wasn’t the best year for us gardeners and if it hadn’t been for the colourful Pansies and Roses aplenty it would probably have resembled amass of green shoots that would have been best suited in an allotment.

Roll on this year and 12 months later there is certainly something different going on outside in our garden. We have not let anything put us off our debut year and have gone for it again. The three-week spell of consistent sunshine has helped and where we decided upon giving the carrots a miss this time around, we have certainly been rewarded with some other successes. Now I know it’s tempting fate but already the beetroot are twice the size of last years efforts and the Tomatoes look as if they may just be a bit embarrassed this year with a red tint already evident. It’s at this point I would like to thank the bees for pollonating our gardens plants, what shortage?!

Now there is all this talk in the papers about self-sufficiency.Β It’s where people like ourselves who have relatively small areas to grow a few token gestures will never quite get there. I however, think this is well and truly over hyped and taken out of context.

Tonight I decided to explore the growbags and raised beds to see what was ready for harvesting, I really do love that word. It paints pictures of being sat in a tractor travelling across the acres of land pulling up the years crops. My girlfriend always smiles when I use that terminology, it’s my way of being all proud and somewhat smug when there is something that can be eaten grown from scratch. I feel like Richard Briers from the Good Life, I love feeling like Richard Briers. For all the days of nurturing the seedlings to the endless evenings of watering them and seeing them grow (well some of them) and suffering the heartache of pests attacking them, it does make you slightly envious of our Supermarkets who sell big bunches for a few pennies.

So my reward tonight…..? Well I managed to find 4 potatoes in the grow bag, a couple of beans were plucked off the bean stalks and the largest beetroot I have ever seen* pulled up from the raised bed. I tell you what, self-sufficiency is well and truly overrated and overstated. Give me the uncertainty anyday of what I will find edible in my garden, that’s what keeps it interesting for me.


* Away from the Supermarkets, I can only compare this to 2012!


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  1. For a minute I thought you’d said “I love feeling Richard Briers” πŸ˜‰

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