An introduction

I’ve finally done it, the sound of an imaginary fan fare plays in the background as I sit back with a wry smile on my face. It has been something that I’ve certainly talked about doing in the past, sometimes threatening, but the talk and suggestive actions has finally resulted in an end game, I’ve decided to start my online blog.

Surely the first post has to be a big one? It has to draw in your attention and give the impression that my life’s events and musings are worth writing with as much creative effort that I can muster….. well I can’t promise that!

Now I assume that you know about me, you may do but there may be a few things that I have developed a lust for as my life has moved along into my thirties. The name of my blog was designed to try to give a broad overview of what to expect on here, however it is very easy to keep things samey with very little variation, god I love the word “random”

So what can you expect, well in a nutshell I am an adventurous, random, spontaneous British Man who was born in Scotland, grew up in Leeds, moved down to the Midlands, lived a year in Australia and returned to the UK who now finds himself living in Northamptonshire. I would’ve used the term journeyman but that’s boring. I find the most uniquely small things funny and have a habit of getting carried away. I love camping trips, camp fires, BBQ’s, gardening, experiencing new ales and beers and play Baseball in Milton Keynes.

I can’t promise you quality blogs all of the time but I certainly won’t hesitate about writing what I am thinking about or have experienced. As I write this I have a programme about Comets on and can’t get the idea of Malcolm Tucker being the new Doctor Who out of my mind. Who is ready for this ride?…..



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